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Keys for Bullish View

  • Value≥4
  • Dividend≥2

Analysis Conclusion

The stock, with its moderate value rating, suggests that existing positions can be retained. For initiating new positions, it's advisable to wait for a value score above 4 and a dividend score of 2 or higher.

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Alnylam pharmaceuticals, inc.


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Top 10 High Relevance to ALNY

  • IONS Ionis pharmaceuticals inc
    Value 4Trend 4Swing Trading 4Whale Interest 2Dividend 1
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ALNY Profile

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a clinical-stage company. The Company is engaged in developing mRNA cell therapies for the treatment of autoimmune diseases. The Company's lead product candidate, Descartes-08, is an autologous mRNA CAR-T directed against the B cell maturation antigen (BCMA). Descartes-08 targets BCMA, which exists on the surface of long-lived plasma cells and plasmacytoid dendritic cells. Descartes-08 is in Phase IIb clinical development for patients with generalized myasthenia gravis (MG). Its other product candidate includes Descartes-15 and Descartes-33. Descartes-15 is a next-generation, autologous anti-BCMA mRNA CAR-T. Using its proprietary technology and manufacturing platform, it designed Descartes-15 to be more resistant than Descartes-08 to recycling of the CAR upon multiple antigen exposures. It is developing Descartes-33 to deliver a combination of therapeutic proteins that target key drivers in the pathogenesis of autoimmunity.

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