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Growin's AI analysis tool utilizes fundamentals, technicals, and institution flows to create 5-dimensional AI scores, assessing Value, Institution Holdings, Trend, Dividend, and Swing Trading for individual stocks. It helps investors identify potential opportunities with backtesting results spanning over 15 years, supporting informed decisions.

The Growin team has developed five technical analysis indicators to help you refine your trading plan! These are also available for use on the TradingView platform.

  1. Power Squeeze - Detects the accumulated energy in a stock. When this stored energy is released, it can lead to significant price movements.
  2. Surfing Trend - Measures whether the price trend of a stock is likely to continue and identifies potential trend reversals.
  3. Auto Fibonacci Zone - Automatically marks important Fibonacci zones to assess stock price resistance and support levels, aiding in trading decisions.
  4. Earnings Table - Provides a visual representation of a stock's fundamental indicators over the past five quarters, enabling quick identification of growth potential through color gradation.
  5. Mean Reverting Radar - Determines whether a stock's price is in an overbought or oversold condition and captures reversal signals.

Growin Stock Mining is an analysis tool. We do not offer direct ordering. However, Growin collaborates with selected brokerage firms at different times to provide exclusive account opening and ordering offers.

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