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Growin is dedicated to combining AI artificial intelligence with trading and investment strategies. Through the collection and analysis of big data, we create passive and robust intelligent financial services and active investment analysis tools for investors. By providing a variety of AI investment methods, we not only hope to achieve excellent returns for you, but also to help reduce the complexity and anxiety of investment, so that you can invest with peace of mind!

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Stock Mining

Efficiently pick out the most valuable underlyings

With Growin's exclusive "5-Dimension Analysis" and "Stock Screener", the scattered stock information and indicators can be quickly aggregated to help you efficiently collect valuable potential targets.


Growin - Robo Advisor

Grow Your Wealth, Win A Better Life

AI Investment

To solve the problem that investors is unavailable spending time on their investment, Growin provide a service which diversify your portfolio including both ETFs and US stocks from our AI algorithm. Also it monitor the market 24/7 and rebalance your portfolio automatically.


For the investors' account safety, Growin integrates the system of Interactive Brokers, the top five US brokerages, allowing you to complete account opening and risk measurement without cross-platform operations.

You can create multiple investment plans that suit your financial goals witch match your risk tolerance and maximize your profit for each plan.

It is required a minimal amount of $2,000 to start a plan and charged annual maintenance fee 0.25%+. Every trading details are recorded in Growin App transparently.

More Investment Opportunities for Everyone

With technology and big data, it is no longer difficult to make investment profitable. For long-term investment, whether active or passive investment, technology can help you achieve excellent performance.


AI Market Prediction

Growin AI engine processes a huge amount of data to generate the market view, which is the most critical step when allocating your assets.


Hybrid Investment Strategies

Growin’s multiple strategies, such as asset allocation and value investing, make investment plans more customizable to achieve your financial goals.


Wealth Management with Tech! Growin Uses Machine Learning to Create An Investment Model with An Accuracy Rate of Over 80%.

TradingValley dedicates to combine the latest technology with finance to change the traditional field. They are composed of quantitative traders, data scientists, financial analysts, engineers, digital marketing, and designers. It combines decades of quantitative investment experience with advanced AI technology to create a smart financial management called Growin APP. With the assistance of digital tools such as artificial intelligence, users can make investments while reducing human factors. Relying on various calculation models created by Growin, when the goal is clear, it is handed over to the investment robot to defeat the undisciplined and floating hearts. There is an opportunity to generate profits.

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