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Get Stock Market Insights Easily with AI Investment Advisor WinwinGPT

With Growin's AI investment advisor WinwinGPT, you can access the latest financial analysis and stock price trends for US-listed companies. WinwinGPT is powered by ChatGPT, providing you with accurate financial analysis, stock price trends analysis and Humanized interactive experience.

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Analyze any Stock in a Snap

Growin's AI evaluates stocks across 5 dimensions, enabling you to spot strengths and opportunities for your trading strategy.

Score Terms



Lower Value Score

  • Limited and unstable profit growth.

  • Weak financial safety.

  • Price at a relatively expensive level.

Higher Value Score

  • Strong and stable profit growth.

  • Excellent financial safety.

  • Price at a relatively inexpensive level.

Grasp Sector trends by AI

Spot on the status of 11 sectors and capturing the strong sector and stock trends.

Mkt. Value Avg



Cater to Your Investment Style

Align your investment style with a 5-dimension AI score combination.

AI Score Fusion for Investing:

Use Cases


Tesla, Inc.





Updated to 2022/05/31

Analyzing comprehensive financial statements (e.g., capital utilization, profitability, etc.) for value scoring.

Tesla's Value

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Growin Proprietary Indicator

The Power Squeeze and Surfing Trend indicators help identify stocks with accumulated energy and capture signals for significant upward movements.

Growin Indicator

AI historical scores give investors insights on stock performance relative to the AI score, with scores of 3 or higher indicating more prominent performances.decisions.

Historical Rating

Create AI-based entry and exit rules, backtest and analyze performance from 2007, and identify optimal strategies for your preferred stocks.


Compare your favorite stocks' performance with similar sectors, the overall market, and the S&P 500 benchmark for confident decision-making.

Backtest Result

Discover potential stocks with ease using Growin's 5-dimensional AI scoring and proprietary indicators.


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