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  • Value≥4
  • Dividend≥2

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The stock has a lower value rating; if aiming for value investing, existing long-term positions might require gradual reduction.

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Alpine 4 holdings inc


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    Value -Trend 4Swing Trading 2Whale Interest -Dividend 1
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ALPP Profile

Alpine 4 Holdings, Inc. is a conglomerate company, which acquires businesses that fit into its drivers, stabilizer, facilitator business model. The Company operates through nine segments: A4 Construction Services Morris Sheet Metal (MSM), A4 Construction Services Excel Construction (Excel), A4 Manufacturing Quality Circuit Assembly (QCA), A4 Manufacturing Alternative Labs (Alt Labs), A4 Defense Thermal Dynamics, A4 Technologies RCA Commercial Electronics (RCA), A4 Technologies ElecJet, A4 Aerospace Vayu and All Other. A4 Construction Services-MSM and A4 Construction Services-Excel segments provide commercial construction services primarily as a sheet metal contractor. A4 Manufacturing-QCA segment is a contract manufacturer within the technology industry. A4 Manufacturing-Alt Labs segment is a contract manufacturer within the dietary and nutraceutical supplements industry. A4 Defense-TDI segment contracts for the United States Government.

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