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  • Value≥4
  • Dividend≥2

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With insufficient quarterly financial data released by the company, we're unable to provide a rating.

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-1.92% holdings inc


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  • ABTS Abits group inc
    Value 4Trend 2Swing Trading 2Whale Interest -Dividend 1
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BBAI Profile Holdings, Inc. is a provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered decision intelligence solutions for national security, supply chain management and digital identity. The Company is a technology-led solutions organization, providing both software and services to its customers. The Company operates through two segments: Cyber & Engineering, Analytics. It combines subject-matter expertise with technology to connect the enterprise, provide insights on process performance and recommendations for managing risk. It offers computer vision, anomaly/event detection, and descriptive and predictive analytics to support operations and break down silos between vendors and systems. The Company's customers span the public and private sector, including the United States, as well as allied nations' defense and intelligence agencies, border protection, transportation security, manufacturing, distribution and logistics, as well as travel, entertainment and tourism.

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