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Boston omaha corp

US StockConsumer Cyclical

BOC AI Analysis Overview

Keys for Bullish View

  • Value≥4
  • Dividend≥2

Analysis Conclusion

The stock has a lower value rating; if aiming for value investing, existing long-term positions might require gradual reduction.

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Boston omaha corp


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Top 10 High Relevance to BOC

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    Value 2Trend 5Swing Trading 2Whale Interest -Dividend 2
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BOC Profile

Boston Omaha Corporation is a public holding company engaged in outdoor advertising, broadband telecommunications services, surety insurance and asset management. The Company's segments include General Indemnity Group, LLC (GIG), Link Media Holdings, LLC (LMH), Boston Omaha Broadband, LLC (BOB) and Boston Omaha Asset Management, LLC (BOAM). GIG segment, through its subsidiaries, is engaged in the insurance business. The LMH segment conducts its billboard rental operations. LMH billboards are located in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin. BOB segment conducts its broadband operations. BOB provides high-speed broadband services to its customers located in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and Utah. BOAM segment conducts its asset management operations. It also holds minority investments in real estate, real estate services, private aviation infrastructure, and banking.

Price of BOC