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CEQP 5 Dimension Analysis

Analysis Instruction of CEQP

  1. Our valuation model suggests a strong fundamental profile with improving profitability, indicating growth potential for the target.
    2. The current stock trend is bullishwith general momentum accumulation in the short-term.
    3. The current potential for an upward price swing is average, awaiting a swing trading score of 4 or above.
    4. The institutional ownership stands at 55.61%, indicating relatively concentrated ownership. Latest quarter: 68 institutions bought, 56 institutions sold.
    5. Due to its high dividend yield and consistent long-term dividend payments, CEQP is well-suited for a buy-and-hold investment strategy.


Avg of Sector-1.01%1.39%20.02%22.66%28.07%
S&P 500-1.47%-3.00%-1.28%7.62%16.92%

Price of CEQP