DIOD AI Analysis Overview

Keys for Bullish View

  • Value≥4
  • Dividend≥2

Analysis Conclusion

The stock has received the highest rating for its value, but its dividend score is below 2. If the company starts distributing dividends, it may yield even better investment results.

DIOD Current Performance


Diodes inc


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Top 10 High Relevance to DIOD

  • MCHP Microchip technology incorporation
    Value 4Trend 4Swing Trading 3Whale Interest 3Dividend 5
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DIOD Profile

Diodes Incorporated is a manufacturer and supplier of application-specific standard products within the discrete, logic, analog, and mixed-signal semiconductor markets. The Company's products include diodes; rectifiers; transistors; MOSFETs; Silicon Carbide (SiC) diodes and MOSFETs; protection devices; logic; photocoupler; voltage translators; amplifiers and comparators; sensors; and power management devices, such as alternating current (AC)-direct current (DC) converters, DC-DC switching, linear voltage regulators, voltage references, light-emitting diode drivers, power switches, and voltage supervisors. It also has timing and connectivity solutions, including clock ICs, crystal oscillators, PCIe packet switches, multi-protocol switches, interface products, and signal integrity solutions for high-speed signals. It serves the industrial, automotive, computing, communications and consumer markets. Its mixed-signal products, including high speed mux/demux, digital switches, and others.

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