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  • Value≥4
  • Dividend≥2

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The stock, with its moderate value rating, suggests that existing positions can be retained. For initiating new positions, it's advisable to wait for a value score above 4 and a dividend score of 2 or higher.

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Exact sciences corporation


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    Value 3Trend 2Swing Trading 2Whale Interest 2Dividend 1
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EXAS Profile

Exact Sciences Corporation is a global advanced cancer diagnostics company. The Company provides a portfolio of products for earlier cancer detection and treatment guidance. Its products and services focus on screening and precision oncology tests. The Company is focusing its research and development efforts on three main areas: Colorectal Cancer Screening, MCED Test Development and MRD Test Development. The Company's products include Cologuard test, Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score Test, Oncotype DX Breast DCIS Score Test, Oncotype DX Colon Recurrence Score Test, OncoExTra Test and COVID-19 Testing. Its flagship screening product, the Cologuard test, is a non-invasive, stool-based deoxyribonucleic acid (sDNA) screening test that utilizes a multi-target approach to detect DNA and hemoglobin biomarkers associated with colorectal cancer and pre-cancer. The Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score test examines the activity of 21 genes in a patient's breast tumor tissue.

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