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Strong Bullish
  • AI analysis rates FREE   with the highest trend score of 5.
  • It is mainly due to  a bullish signal from long-term moving averages , along with  the positive AI trend signal.
  • Historically, FREE had a trend trading score of 5 on 9 occasions, with an average investment return of 2.69%. The win rate was 44%, with profits averaging 6.78% for the wining trades.

FREE Trend Reference Factors


The Trend score is derived from various data, mainly including price, volume, technical indicators and other information. The following lists two important factors when evaluating.

Update to 2024/05/21 (Daily Update)

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FREE Historical Trend Score

You can use historical scores of 3 or above to observe potential performance and make investment decisions.

Trend ScoreAll TradesAvg Days HeldAvg ReturnWinning TradesWinning RateAvg Profit%Losing TradesLosing RateAvg Losing%
9 times20 days2.69%444%6.78%556%-0.58%
20 times7 days0.12%840%3.00%1260%-1.79%
49 times73 days0.65%1531%7.95%3469%-3.12%
32 times5 days-1.39%928%3.67%2372%-3.37%
25 times12 days-2.44%1456%2.85%1144%-9.18%

Top 10 High Relevance to FREE Trend Score