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Marine products corporation

US StockConsumer Cyclical

MPX Whale Interest Score




  • AI analysis rates MPX with  the lowest whale interest score of 1.
  • The ownership is  extremely dispersed, resulting in higher stock price volatility and increased risk for the investment.
  • Institutions have  started building positions.
  • Tracking 10 prominent institutions, the following have traded this quarter:
    • Buying: Renaissance Technologies LLC
    • Selling: None

MPX Whale Interest Reference Factors

According to the latest 13F reports, we summarizes key information, including whale invest rate, number of institutions, and related fund flows, providing an overview of major institutional activity.

Update to 2023/11/21 (Quarterly Update)

Net Flow (Inflow - Outflow)$3.57M

Capital Inflow


Accumulator : 37 $6.56M
Initiator : 7 $1.91M

Capital Outflow


Reducer : 22 $2.62M
Liquidator : 8 $2.28M

MPX Historical Whale Interest Score

You can use historical scores of 3 or above to observe potential performance and make investment decisions.

Prominent Inst. Holdings of MPX

The buying and selling records of 10 well-known and widely followed institutions for this stock over the past year are listed in the table below.


73.6 K19%







MPX Insider Transactions

In the past year, MPX has not engaged in insider trading of stocks.

Insider Buying Overview Blur Image
No related data records

Top 10 High Relevance to MPX Whale Interest Score