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NCPL Swing Trading Score




Strong Bullish
  • AI analysis rates NCPL with  a higher swing trading score of 4.
  • It is mainly due to  the relatively low short-term volatility,along with the relatively low stock price.
  • Furthermore, based on historical backtesting, when entering with a swing trading score of 4 and exiting with a score of 1, resulted in 11 trades with a 45.45% win rate and an average profit/loss of 24780.26%.

NCPL Historical Swing Trading Score

You can use historical scores of 3 or above to observe potential performance and make investment decisions.

NCPL Swing Trading Strategy Backtest

The following backtest is based on specified rules since 2007. Price chart shows buy/sell time, cumulative returns, and backtesting statistics.


The Backtest Result of NCPL from 2018/10 till Now

Cumulative Return
Annual Return
Sharpe Ratio

Statistics data for entering at or above a Swing Trading score of 4 and exiting at or below a Swing Trading score of 2 from October, 2018 to December, 2023. (Total Trades: 36)

NCPLSectorUS Overall Market
Wining Rate31%38%40%
Avg Return3%5.1%2.6%
Avg Profit40.9%27%17.8%
Avg Loss-14.8%-8.7%-7.6%
Avg Risk-Reward Ratio275.8%310%235.4%

Update to 2023/12/2 (Monthly Update)

Top 10 High Relevance to NCPL Swing Trading Score