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  • Value≥4
  • Dividend≥2

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With insufficient quarterly financial data released by the company, we're unable to provide a rating.

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  • ELWS Earlyworks co ltd
    Value -Trend 3Swing Trading 2Whale Interest -Dividend 1
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OBLG Profile

Oblong Inc. is a provider of patented multi-stream collaboration products and managed services for video collaboration and network solutions. The Company's flagship product is called Mezzanine, a family of turn-key products that enable dynamic and immersive visual collaboration across multi-users, multi-screens, multi-devices and multi-locations. Mezzanine allows multiple people to share, control and arrange content simultaneously, from any location, enabling all participants to see the same content in its entirety at the same time in identical formats, resulting in enhancements to both in-room and virtual videoconference presentations. The Company has two segments: Collaboration Products and Managed Services. Collaboration Products segment represents the Oblong Industries business surrounding its Mezzanine product offerings. Managed Services segment represents the Oblong business surrounding managed services for video collaboration and network solutions.

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