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SYNA 5 Dimension Analysis

Analysis Instruction of SYNA

  1. Our valuation model suggests a stable target with relatively steady profitability, indicating a relatively positive fundamental outlook.
    2. The current stock trend is in a consolidation phasewith general momentum accumulation in the intermediate-term.
    3. The current potential for an upward price swing is higher. Considering the current swing trading score, our default strategy has a risk-to-reward ratio of 2.22.
    4. The institutional ownership stands at 88.84%, indicating relatively concentrated ownership. Latest quarter: 149 institutions bought, 196 institutions sold.
    5. No dividend history, not ideal for dividend-oriented buy-and-hold strategy.


Avg of Sector4.01%-5.29%-6.96%3.96%12.35%
S&P 5000.01%-5.04%-3.64%4.36%19.60%

Price of SYNA