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Average Growth

Currently, due to insufficient price and financial data for WVVI, it is not possible to provide a rating for its value strength.

WVVI Value Reference Factors

The Value score is derived from various data and factor information, integrated through AI algorithms. The following factors are part of the evaluation used by AI value scores.

Update to 2024/04/03 (Weekly Update)

WVVI Financial Forecast

Unit : USD

Update to 2024/5/23 (Quarterly Update)

WVVI Earnings Table

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WVVI Historical Value Score

You can use historical scores of 3 or above to observe potential performance and make investment decisions.

WVVI Value Strategy Backtest

The following backtest is based on specified rules since 2007. Price chart shows buy/sell time, cumulative returns, and backtesting statistics.


The Backtest Result of WVVI from 2007/01 till Now

Cumulative Return
Annual Return
Sharpe Ratio

Statistics data for entering at or above a Value score of 4 and exiting at or below a Value score of 2 from January, 2007 to May, 2024. (Total Trades: 1)

WVVISectorUS Overall Market
Wining Rate-66%56%
Avg Return-27%73.4%57%
Avg Profit-126.2%130%
Avg Loss-27%-29%-35.6%
Avg Risk-Reward Ratio-434.5%364.8%

Update to 2024/5/23 (Daily Update)

Top 10 High Relevance to WVVI Value Score