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WW 5 Dimension Analysis

Analysis Instruction of WW

  1. Our valuation model indicates that the company's fundamental data points to lower growth opportunities for the target.
    2. The current stock trend is bullishwith momentum accumulation in the intermediate-term.
    3. The current potential for an upward price swing is average, awaiting a swing trading score of 4 or above.
    4. The institutional ownership stands at 71.05%, indicating relatively concentrated ownership. Latest quarter: 109 institutions bought, 88 institutions sold.
    5. No dividend history, not ideal for dividend-oriented buy-and-hold strategy.


Avg of Sector-0.93%-3.57%-4.52%-4.29%10.46%
S&P 500-1.47%-3.00%-1.28%7.62%16.92%

Price of WW