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Pzena Investment Management Inc.


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Pzena Investment Management is a U.S.-based value-...

13F Summary of Pzena Investment Management Inc.

Update to 2023Q4


  • In terms of stock investments, the financials sector comprises the largest allocation in the portfolio of Pzena Investment Management, LLC, accounting for 29.57%.
  • The largest capital change in this quarter is estimated to come from BAX with increased holdings.
  • CTSH has been the largest holding for the past 20 quarters, with an investment amount of 5.36% and an estimated unrealized gain/loss of 5% to 10%.
  • According to Growin's estimation, 74% of the top 20 holdings in this quarter are in a profitable phase, with WAB showing the highest returns and NWL showing the lowest returns.
    (The third and fourth points are estimated based on the most recent close prices.)

13F Details of Pzena Investment Management Inc.

Update to 2023Q4


Portfolio Historical Statistics

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