We Deliver Supreme Service
with AI Technology

Accelerate the progress in reaching your goals

Combine Extensive Knowledge of Finance and Engineering

We provide our clients with full automated wealth management experience harnessed the power of machine learning and quantitative algorithm.

Build on AI and Quantitative Models

Growin utilizes different kinds of AI algorithms to compose diversified and low-risk portfolios across ETFs and stocks. No matter you are a naive investors or a sophisticated trader, we’ve built an automated strategy suits you best.

Invest in Thousands of Global Companies

Our algorithms scans thousands of stocks and ETFs on the daily basis, and find the optimal assets to include in your portfolio.


Chasing Market is Not One of Ways to Accumulate Wealth!

We manage your investment with long term strategy and consistently growing your wealth.

Monitor the Market

Monitor the Market

We continuously tracking worldwide economic and leveraging machine learning algorithms to analyze extensive financial data to ensure the safety of your wealth and adjust your portfolio in real-time.

Manage Your Risk

Manage Your Risk

We customize the optimal investment portfolio for your based on your risk profile and financial objectives. You won't have to worry about market fluctuations and risk-related concerns. Instead, you will receive returns in line with the expected level of risk.

Rebalance Automatically

Rebalance Automatically

We adjust your portfolio according to the market circumstances automatically. You can have your portfolio under control without making any investment decision.

Power of Machine Learning

Several predictors team up as our market researchers, analyzing the market data at all times. They help us come up with the mid to long-term market prediction and dynamically allocate your investment.


Invest across the World

Your portfolio is dynamically allocating money to all markets around the globe. We strive for helping you generate consistent returns and control risk.

We Offer Multiple Styles of Investing Strategies

Investing on single strategy is not enough to deal with the fickle circumstances.Growin forges hybrid strategies for you to keep strong in tempestuous market.

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Asset Allocation

Our asset allocation strategy uses machine learning, plus nobel prize-winning research to select and allocate assets. The optimal returns at moderate risk is what this portfolio aims to provide.

technology strategy technology

Value Investing

Our value investing strategy uses machine learning to study and learn the company’s fundamental and technical metrics, buying stocks with great potential to move higher in the near future, and adjust monthly to create the opportunity to beat the market.

Growin Makes Every Investment Decision for You!