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Investment Strategy


How are this investment plans created ?

Growin investment plan is forged by 2 types of AI engines. One is designed for outlining the future trend of the global market index. Another one is responsible for picking the stocks that have the most value potential in the long term.

1. Market index AI:

This AI engine is trained by huge amount of financial data, such as economic data, volume and price, market internals and some self-derived quantitative data, to outline the trend of the market for the next 1 to 3 months. This AI engine will give us a view to the global market sentiment. With this view, your money is able to allocated to the assets more properly.

2. Stock investing AI:

This AI engine is the core of the value investing strategy which is the most active strategy of Growin. By analyzing the fundamental, volume and price data of more than 5000 listed companies on NYSE or Nasdaq, Growin use this stock investing AI engine plus quantitative strategies to aim to find out the stocks that have the most potential to grow.