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Deposit and Withdrawal


How to withdraw ?

Now there are only wire transfer for you to withdraw money from your Growin account.

Your account security is our first priority. Therefore, we need a further ID verification when a withdrawal is requested. Please follow the steps:

Binding the receiving bank account. (one time setting)
1. Get your account and passcode of your brokerage account:

When you are setting the receiving bank account for the first time, Growin will guide you to obtain your account and passcode for your brokerage account. (this account and passcode combination is specifically for your brokerage account, not the same as the one used to login Growin.)

2. Login to your brokerage account :

Growin will lead you to login your brokerage account, renew thepasscode, set the security questions. (Once this step is done, you are the only holder to the login information. It is not able to retrieve them through Growin. Please keep them safe.)

3. Connecting the receiving bank account :

On your account setting page, go to 'Transfer and pay' > 'Transfer' > 'Withdrawal' to set the receiving bank account.

4. Initiating the withdrawal :

Return to Growin app. You can see your withdrawal information in 'User' > 'withdrawal setting'

Initiating withdrawal

1. If your withdrawal setting is completed, you can withdraw your money anytime by clicking ‘Withdraw’ button in Growin app and enter the amount that you want to withdraw.

2. Once the withdrawal is requested, Growin will proceed within one trading day. It usually takes 3-5 working days to arrive your designated bank account. The time includes T+2 settlement daysand time for money transferring.