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Intro to Growin


How to start with Growin ?

You can follow the 5 main steps as below to get started :

1. Investment Risk Questionnaire :

You will be asked about 7-9 questions when you first time login to Growin’s app. These questions including your investment experience, financial goals and status will allow us to evaluate your risk tolerance and design the investment plan which is right for you.

2. Risk Calculator :

Investment plan Growin investment plan has 10 difference risk levels. Higher risk level means it adopts more aggressive strategy to get higher possible return, but at the same time is willing to take higher loss. According to the result of your risk appetite, you will be given a suggested plan along with its historical performance and the asset classes where the plan will invest your money in.

3. Account Opening :

Brokerage account opening When you decide to use Growin service, we will guide you in app to open an account with the brokerage firm, Interactive Brokers (hereinafter, IBKR). The account opening questions will take around 5-10 minutes to complete. Your answers will be reviewed by IBKR which will usually take 2-3 working days. This account will be under your name and fully held by your own.

4. Fund Deposit :

Fund your account After your brokerage account is ready and you are also ready to start a new financial life, you are able to deposit your money to Growin with wire transfer.

You need to send a deposit notice through app to get the wire information. Then initiate the wire request by visiting your funding bank or online bank. It could incur more fees and take about 2 working days.