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Fee and Threshold


How does Growin charge ?

Growin doesn’t charge transaction fee and performance fee. All transaction fees will be covered by Growin. Only annual management fee will be charged. Each investment plan with different risk level has corresponding annual fee which is in the range of 0.5%~1% of you account value.The annual management fee will be charged monthly. The annual fee rate divided by 12 months is your monthly fee rate. The amount to charge is the weighted average of your account value of the month times your monthly fee rate. For instance, if your weighted average account value of this month is $10,000, annual fee rate is 0.8% (monthly fee is 0.8%/12=0.06%) Therefore, you will be charged $10,000*0.06%=$6 this month. This fee will be deducted automatically from the cash in your account.